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Before you start

Before you start!

We think you should take a little time to decide what bicycle is right for you. So first things first.....

1. What will you be using the bike for?

Going to work - You should consider a HYBRID it's a good choice for both comfort and
functionality. Hybrids require less effort to cycle on the road than a mountain bike and with
the option of full length mudguards and chainguards, offer improved protection from the
elements. The Hybrid features a larger wheel than the mountain bike (28in) and so offers
better comfort and speed on the road.

Fitness - The best choice for a fitness bike is probably a HYBRID without mudguards etc.
While offering good comrort levels the Hybrid will also enable you to cover a bit of distance
and thus keep you more interested in your training. If you live in the country and think you
may want to go off road on some tracks then a MOUNTAIN BIKE is really your only choice, or if
you want to see how fast you can cover a distance and stay out of the wind then a ROAD BIKE is your best choice.

Racing / Triathalon - Only one choice here really. A ROAD BIKE is what you need if your
going to be competitive. There are many choices of bikes and accessories so take a look at
our Road Bikes page for more info....

Off Road / X-Country - Again the only choice here is a MOUNTAIN BIKE (also known
as A.T.B.'s). These range from Hardtails to Full Suspension and feature various components
from Hydraulic Disk Brakes to Fully Adjustable Suspension. Check out the page for more.

Urban - If it's a B.M.X. for tricks or a Cruiser or Chopper for something a little different, we
carry something in our range for everyone who is looking for a bit of Street Cred!

Kids - We stock a full range of childerns bikes in all sizes. Forget the Playstation and get
the kids out enjoying life. Check out our Childrens Cycles for product info.

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